Oscars, guerilla girl style


So the Oscars were pretty lame this year. Maybe they needed some Guerilla Girl action. Remember them?

Clad in trademark gorilla masks, this feminist-art group is perhaps the first and finest of the Culture Jammers movement. Amongst their triumphs is this huge billboard poster proclaiming: The Anatomically Correct Oscar: He’s White and Male, Just Like The Guys Who Win


In 1989, the Guerilla Girls challenged the Met Museum on their lack of representation of female artists. “Do women have to be naked to get into the Met Museum?” they asked on NYC bus ads. Almost 85% of the Mets nudes were female compared with only 5% female artists. In 2005, The Met had less female artists, but the Guerilla Girls noted that the “weenie count” for nudes had improved!


So what are they up to these days? Seems the Guerilla Girls suffered internal tensions resulting in several splinter groups and a trademark dispute.

There are signs that the group is still kicking – the updated website reveals a pretty full date book of workshops and events, so check ’em out in a town near you!

Other sites

Guerrilla Girls at the Feminist Future Symposium, MoMA (YouTube)

New Yorker article on the Guerilla Girl split and court case.


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